Thursday, September 10, 2015

DIY: Fabric-Covered Tray

diy, diy projects, fabric-covered tray, white faux crocodile animal skin fabric

I've been wanting to do a DIY fabric-covered tray for so long using a faux white crocodile fabric that I bought quite some time ago.  But I kept coming across problems with 4 different glues I was using to keep the heavy fabric from peeling away from the tray.  DIY failed.  So it sat for a while a mess and I looked at it everyday wondering if I should tackle again or just be gone with it.  Tackle it, I did!

office white, white faux crocodile fabric, office space, desk decor, office accessories

This DIY is simple to complete but you have to get the right glue.  That is the key.  This adhesive is so good, it might even hold down leather (another project in the waiting).  


faux-crocodile fabric or any other fabric
Tray or rectangle cooking pan
exacto knife (optional)

1.  Lay out your fabric.  Place the tray on top and measure the width of the tray and mark.  Try to get the width exact.  Then measure the length of the tray and add additional fabric to cover the side tray.  Then add 1/2" to the fabric length so you have extra fabric to go under the tray.  Cut out.
2.  You will have a long strip of fabric that will fit your width but longer on the length.  If you'd like to be more precise, take an exacto knife cut off any extra fabric on your width sides.  

3.  Place the long strip of fabric to the side.  Cut out another fabric that is long enough for the length of the tray, but the width should just be wide enough to cover the inside and outside sides of the tray.  

4.  Make sure you read the directions on the glue.  There is some wait time between application.  The glue sticks better if you let it dry to tacky.  Don't forget to spray the project outside.  Take the adhesive and spray the outside side of the tray and the fabric side that will be glued down to the tray.  Let it sit for a few minutes until it gets tacky.  Press down the fabric to the tray.  Hold for a few more minutes.  Repeat on the inside side of the tray.    

5. Gluing the corner: okay there are so many ways you can fold fabric over a corner.  I probably didn't do the best way.  So pick what you are used to (think folding the sheets over your bed corner).  You might have to cut excess fabric.  Glue the corner down.  

6.  After you are done gluing down all four corners and two of the sides, take the long strip of fabric that you placed to the side and place it over the inside of the tray.  You may want to spray your adhesive first (fabric and tray), then lay it down.  Press.  Hold.  Wait.  And finish off gluing down the short-side of the tray.

Let the glue completely dry then use and enjoy!

diy, fabric covered tray, faux white crocodile tray, office white

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Floral Dress

floral dress, betsey Johnson, fall dress, purple and blue dress

floral dress, purple dress, darling darleen, darleen meier jewelry, betsey johnson

Dress: Betsey Johnson || Shoes: Zara  || Clutch: Jcrew (old) || Jewelry: Darleen Meier Jewelry

This past weekend, I went on a hot date, all dressed up, with my hubby to a bar mitvah, and we definitely got our groove on the dance floor.  I wore this Betsey Johnson dress, which has a stretch to it so it was easy to move and shake. We had so much fun!  I think I might become a bar mitvah crasher.   Every one that I have gone too has been such a blast!

Preserving Herbs

Its the end of the gardening season, and you might have a bundle of fresh garden herbs that you don't want to see wilt away, especially if you labored over them all spring and summer.  Well, one of the things I like to do when I have an abundance of fresh herbs is preserving them so I can use my summer herbs at a later date.  Check out my post over at How Does She where I share my preserving methods for garden herbs.  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fashion Post: It's All in the Details

black skirt, cecelia new york shoes, Moulinette Soeurs, wedge shoe, darleen meier jewelry

Moulinette Soeurs, anthropologie skirt, cecelia new york shoes, black skirt, darleen meier jewelry

fashion, what to wear on Sunday, anthropologie, cecelia new york

Anthropologie Skirt: Moulinette Soeurs | Jcrew Shirt (old) similar | Shoes: Cecelia New York | Earrings: Darleen Meier Jewelry | Clutch: Fabrik | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

I'm slightly obsessed with the Moulinette Soeurs brand at Anthropologie.  Every time I fall in love with an Anthropologie item, its usually Moulinette Soeurs.  I know I'm going to get detail and quality when I buy one of their items.  The brand definitely has a cult following, and I think I might be one of them.  Most of the items sell out, like this scalloped skirt that I've been enjoy all summer.  There are so many details and structure, but comfort.  I paired it with an old chiffon bow tie top and favorite shoe brand Cecelia New York, which I always get compliments when I wear her shoes.  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

DIY: Tassel Pillow

diy tassel pillow, anthropologie inspired, ikea hack, pillow tassel, bohemian

DIY: Tassel Pillow
Cost: $15 (includes pillow insert)
Project Time: about 1.5 hours

I've become obsessed with tassels and making them is so easy!  So sticking with the tassel theme, I am showing how to make a tassel pillow that would look good on a sofa or bed.  This pillow is inspired by this Anthropologie pillow and less than half the price.

I cut out about 32 tassels, and made most of them while listening to my 1st grader read for his daily 20 minutes of reading.  Multi-tasking ladies!

embroidery thread (multiple colors).  For a 20x20 pillow you will need about 16 threads
sewing machine
white thread
pillow cover (I used Ikea Gurli pillow cover)
pillow insert (I used Ikea Fjadrar pillow insert)

Follow these instructions to make the tassels.  Some modifications are that you won't fold over the embroidery thread.  You will just make one tassel on each end of the embroidery thread (so 2 tassels for 1 embroidery).  I used the same thread color to tie the tassels.  No need to put a jump ring on it.  You will sew it instead.  I cut my tassels about 2 inches.

So for a 20x20 pillow I made 32 tassels (8 tassels for each side).  Once you finish making your tassels, lay out the tassels evenly along the edge of the pillow.  The ikea pillow cover I bought was a flange pillow so I made a little cut between the seam and wiggled the tassel in between so it looked like it was sewn into the pillow cover.  If your cover doesn't have that, then you can just sew it on the outside and keep that side of the pillow against the sofa.  

After you pin all the tassels along all 4 sides of the pillow, sew a straight stitch right along the edge.  Be careful if you have a zipper that you don't sew the opening shut!  Once done, put the pillow insert in and enjoy!

diy tassel pillow, anthropologie inspired, tassel pillow, ikea hack, bohemian

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Back-to-School Crafts: DIY Tassel Necklaces

We said goodbye to summer last week and are now back at school...still in our summer haze though.  With school comes back-to-school shopping, and my girls love all the new clothes, shoes and accessories they want to buy.  As a kid, one of my favorite things I enjoyed about going back to school was wearing new clothes and planning out my outfits for each day.  I always liked to accessorize.  A cute necklace with do that to any outfit.  So we made some long tassel necklaces for my girls to wear with their new outfits. And now I want to put a tassel on just about everything!

tassel necklaces with beaded necklace, embroidery thread tassels, DIY, how to make
All these craft supplies came from a hobby store (like Michaels or Hobby Lobby).  I bought a bead box and the embroidery thread cost about 40 cents for each one so you can make a lot of tassel necklaces for just under $10!

The step-by-step is really easy and fast to make and easy enough for an older child to put together.

1. Take the entire bundle of thread without taking off the packaging
2. Fold in half
3. Wrap another thread around and around the top portion
4. Tie it off with a square knot
5. Add a metal jump ring to the loop, making sure to include ALL the threads on the ring
6.  Take the packaging off and evenly cut the bottom

To make the beaded necklace, cut the cord about twice as long as you'd like the length.  Take the flexible needle and thread the cord in the hole.  We made a knotted necklace, so you can string the bead and then tie a knot then string the bead and then a knot.  Keep doing that until you get your desired length.  We made the necklaces long enough so we just knotted the necklace off with a square knot.  Or to make the necklace quicker, you can just string the beads on the cord, ending with a square knot.  To attach the tassel, take another jump ring and secure the tassel on the necklace.  Add as many tassels onto one necklace with a jump ring!

Make one for you and add multiple tassels to a simple long gold chain!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Las Vegas Guide

Las Vegas, guide to Las Vegas, places to go in Las Vegas

Heading to Las Vegas anytime soon for a weekend getaway?  Well don't miss out on some of the lesser-known attractions.  And, yes!  Life does exist in Vegas outside of the Strip!  Don't be afraid to venture off the hotel-lined boulevard.  It will all be there when you get back!  There is more to the gambling city than all-night casinos and cirque du soliel shows and free drinks.  If you are heading to Vegas, make sure to skip the buffet and eat at some of the world-class restaurants.  Here is my guide to some of my favorite restaurants, activities and places to shop.  My bestie girlfriend Ashley helped me with the list since she always knows the best places to go and eat.  This is a guide of places that are not the obvious 

Places to Eat on the Strip

Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Hotel
Bouchon at Venetian Hotel
Joes Stone Crab at Caesars
Yellowtail at Bellagio
Sprinkles at Linq
Ghirardelli's Ice Cream at Linq
Shake Shack at New York New York
Serendipity 3 at Caesars

Places to Eat off the Strip

EAT by Container Park
Carson Kitchen at Container Park
Le Thai on Fremont Street
El Sombrero at Downtown
Vintner Grill near Summerlin
DW Bistro (west side of Vegas)-- try the carrot cake
Lulu's Bread and Breakfast (north Las Vegas)
Echo & Rig at Summerlin

places to go in Las Vegas, Las Vegas, guide to Las Vegas

Places to Go on the Strip
Brooklyn Bowl at the Linq-- bowling and live music
High Roller at the Linq

Places to GO off the Strip

Container Park at Downtown
Neon Museum at Downtown
Discovery Children's Museum at Downtown (one of the best children's museum!)
Mt. Charleston-- good place to hike when you want to get out of the Vegas heat
Boulder City--perfect day trip and to see Lake Mead and Hoover Dam
Fremont Experience has light show and free concerts at Downtown
Mob Museum at Downtown

Places to Shop on the Strip

TopShop at Fashion Show Mall
Rent the Runway at Aria
Kitson at The Linq
H&M (flagship) at The Forum Shops
Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas

Places to Shop Off the Stripes 

The Attic at Downtown
Buffalo Exchange Clothing
Vintage Key Antiques
District at Green Valley Ranch
Downtown Summerlin

Where are your favorite places to go while in Vegas?

Monday, July 27, 2015

DIY: Watercolor Inkblot Artwork

watercolor, inkblot, artwork, diy, kids artwork, crafting

This is a really fun activity to do with kids on a lazy summer day.  We did this activity outside on our porch for easy clean-up, and my kids came up with a lot of fun color combos.  Creating inkblot artworks is easy, requires no skills and can make really cool art formations.  Each viewers can take a different perspective on the art piece, and there is no wrong way.  

All you need is watercolors, watercolor paper, paintbrushes and cup of water.  Plan to use about 4 to 5 paint colors.  Make sure to add a lot of water to the colors so they spread, but so they aren't water down also.  For the children, I creased the center of the paper so there is a line of separation.  

We did circles and placed similar sizes and colors in mirrored spots between the center line.  Don't be afraid to overlap circles and to get closer to the center of the paper.  Once satisfied, fold the paper and press down on the paper so the colors merge and bleed together.

For a creaseless paper, make sure that your colors have a lot of water and place another paper on top of painted paper so the colors bleed easily together.  

Open up.  Add any additional colors if you'd like.  Let them dry.

I can't wait to get these framed!

diy, watercolor, inkblot, artwork, darling darleen, office decor


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