Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Sweater Dress

Dress: Kate Spade Shoes: Schutz Earrings: DMJ Justine Bracelets: DMJ Hilary
Rings: DMJ Vivi and Mindi

We've been lucky that the weekends have been hit with warm spring weather.  Come Monday though, and the temperatures drop back down to the low 50s.  So when the temperature got up to mid 70s on Sunday, I was not going to miss the chance of wearing this darling chartreuse Kate Spade sweater dress adorn with a jeweled pink collar.  It just one of those dresses you can wear all day and feel comfortable.  The shoes are from Schutz and I ordered them a few months ago when they were on backorder, and they finally arrived.  I have a feeling I'll be wearing these a lot this summer.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Glam it Up with Knuckle Rings

We swooned when we saw our knuckle rings being model on Isabel Bezzant in a gorgeous beaded, cream goddess dress.  These rings are perfect for summer! Keep it up with the trend.

Spotted: Arrow Necklace on Dancing With the Stars

We love seeing Amy Purdy from Dancing With the Stars wearing our Arrow Necklace on the red carpet, during dance routines and basically living in the necklace.  The arrow necklace hits right on the collarbone and is perfect for layering.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Creating Personalized Kid Artwork

Last week I did a craft post on Or So She Says that I did with my three year old.  I love displaying my children's artwork in their room regardless of their age so I had her paint a large letter "C" for her name with an abstract style.  I love how it turned out!  The best thing is that it's really easy, quick project and your child does most of the work!

See all the step-by-step process over at Or So She Says!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to Create Floral Terrariums

I am over at How Does She today sharing a fun spring arrangement tutorial.  If you have any glass jars laying around the house, head over to How Does She and see how I used empty glass jars to create a floral terrarium.  These are so pretty, and we have enjoyed our arrangements for days.  It's like having a flowering garden into your home.  Also, flag this tutorial to pretty up your Easter dinner table with floral and color.


Monday, March 24, 2014

What to Wear to Disney World or Disneyland

This seems to be the year to head to Disney World or Disneyland.  We went to Disney World this past February during fall break, and knew quite a few other friends and family that headed there during the same time.  Now that we live down in the south, Disney World is just a few hours drive away.  So we are planning to take advantage of the close proximity while we live down here!

Well, so what do you wear to Disney World or Disneyland?  Disney is obviously no fashion showdown--long roller coaster lines, chasing Disney characters, walking a ton in the hot sun--makes it so all I could think about when packing was one word: COMFORT.

But then there will be lots of photos taken, so I wanted to make sure I was also CUTE.  So think about wearing something cute and comfortable.  When I was there in Disney World, I was surprised how many people just wore their work out/gym clothes.  Okay, I get it.  They are comfortable and great to sweat in, but keep it in the weight room.  They aren't street clothes.  

I had my friend Lizzie help participate in this blog post since she went to Disney World around the same time with her toddler son James and had to carry some the extra baby gear that I don't have to carry.  She also has a great fashion sense that is slightly different from me.

Here are a few outfits I wore to Disney World that I felt were cute and comfortable.

      Graphic t-shirts are the current trend right now.  Most are lightweight and cut longer to wear with leggings.  Loving the look of baseball tees which are popping up everywhere too.  
     Pixie Pants--these are the best "secret weapon" to wear leggings, but with more structure and a slimming look.  Also they won't creep down like leggings tend to do.  And the best thing--they are comfortable   
     Sneakers--stylish sneakers for the street...not the gym.  Wore these the entire time and loved how versatile they were...leggings, pants, skirts, shorts.   

2.  Blouse t-shirt and Joie pants.  A cool popover blouse made it so I wasn't sweating and kept me dry.   

3.  Nike Street shoes 4.  Gold Bangle bracelet  5. Cross body bags  6. Clarkson earrings  7. Aviator Sunglasses 8.Water Bottle

Lizzie's casual Disney style:

1. Sonnet James dress--easy to pack dress and so comfortable.  The perfect "play dress for moms".  Easy to walk or run after your kids.  And you won't have to worry about it being too short for some of those roller coasters.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Knuckle Rings

I am loving the look of knuckle rings.  They are a summer favorite this year, and so fun to accessorize with dainty bracelets and our tiny charms.  Pair them with a fun nail color and you'll be ready to hit the beach!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rainbow Painting Party

I'm so excited that Hostess with the Mostess featured Stella's painting party yesterday on their blog!  I always go to their site for resources and party ideas, so I left really honored to be featured and be among so many talented event planners.  Go and check it out!  Pin it and leave a comment.

Leprechaun Hat Place Card Holder

It's the month that we celebrate "the little green man" my three year old would tell me!  So I am over at Or So She Says today sharing a St. Patrick's craft to use for your Irish dinner.  A leprechaun hat place card holder.  And actually I made up one for each member of the family, so right now we are enjoying them as our March decorations.

The craft is pretty easy and requires green felt, a small cup and gold glitter paper and a few other items.  I made up four little leprechaun hats in less than an hour.  

  See the step by step over here...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

$15 and under Bracelets

Warm weather is around the corner, which means t-shirt and tank top weather!  Be ready to show off your arms and wrist with a band of bracelets.  We've discounted some of our bangle and stretchy bracelets $15 and under this week only.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gold Sequin Word Script Pillow Tutorial

I am over at How Does She sharing a fun, easy DIY gold sequin word script pillow tutorial.  I'm all about gold these days--just a touch of gold can add so much!  And word scripts are the current trend.

This is a perfect project to do while you watch your favorite reality show.  By the end of it, you'll have a new decorative pillow.  Head over to How Does She to see the DIY full post.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Star Wars Lego Party

Have I mentioned we are slightly, overly obsessed with Star Wars? kids can recite lines from the movies, my boys wear Star Wars underpants and carry the lunch boxes to school too.  And you wouldn't have wanted to hear their cries when I told them they couldn't do the Jedi Training Camp at Disney because camp was full.  I promised them next time.  So my little Jackson turned 5 in the fall, and I was not surprised when said he wanted a Star Wars party.  Well, I have already thrown a Star Wars party for his older brother which was a huge hit.  But Jackson wanted to go with the Star Wars Lego party theme instead.  I keep my leftover party supplies so I was still able to use items that I used for the Star Wars.  And was able to reuse the printables I designed.  For that, it was a pretty easy party to pull together, which I needed because his birthday is right during the holidays.

As always resources are listed below.  One thing I did was print up at the local print shop a huge bulls eye image for the backdrop.  They were able to blow up the image large enough to cover my poster board. I used that same image in his invitations.

  How cool is his cake?  It's one of my favorite and tastes better than it looks!  3-D Lego minifigure jedi brings the whole theme into play.  I put my older son to work by having him build me a lego cake stand.

More 3-D mini figures for our cupcakes.  We had the party after lunch so I ended up just serving cake and cookies.  For the cupcakes and cookies, I found mini light sabers on Amazon and stuck them right next to the fondants.

No shortage on star wars minifigures at our house!
 Straws are attached to the water bottles by little sticky dots.

So what activities did we do at the party?  Well, I really wanted to keep cost down and honestly didn't want to put too much thought into it.  Remember, we were right during full holiday mode. So I purchased a few new Star Wars Lego boxes for the party and had the parts and instructions laid out on our table for the kids to build and play with.  I checked into different Lego rental companies and even craigslist for old Lego kits, but the prices for Legos are quite expensive and going with new boxes just made sense.  Jackson and his friends are at the age where they just sat and built the Lego kits the entire party.  For those who weren't quite Lego fanatics, I had our bounce house up and toys out.  We also had a handmade Lego pinata to break up the party.

Party favors--a simple Lego Star Wars ship
 Happy Birthday Jackson!  May the force be with you!

Star Wars printables: me
Bullseye poster board: image by me then printed at OfficeMax copycenter
Happy Birthday Star Wars garland: Target
Birthday Cake with 3-D Lego minifigure: Sugar Benders
Star Wars Cake Pops: So Sweet Pops
Lego Cupcake toppers: MJ Tabush Cake Designs
Lego guy and Lego yoga toppers: MJ Tabush Cake Designs
Star Wars lightsaber lollipops: Party City
Lego Cake Stand: we made it
Star Wars Republic Attack Cruiser Party Favors: Amazon
Mini light sabers: Amazon
Star Wars Lego Kits: Legoland Store

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Spin Wheel Game

Do you remember when you were a kid cutting out spin wheel games on the back of cereal boxes?  I do!  I've been wanting to create a classic spin wheel game for Valentines day that my elementary kids can play with their friends.  It's an adorable, interactive valentine that your kids can hand out at class.  Or a game to play at a Valentine's party.  How to play?  All you do is spin the wheel and see who you land on--the best friend, the class clown, the popular kid, the crush, the valentine.  We test it out at a little neighborhood Valentines party and the kids were laughing...and blushing.

I contributed the step-by-step tutorial with printable over at Or So She Says.  You can get all the information there!

Fur Vest with Tiny Charms

Fashion blogger Mindy from Arc Line Space Dot styled necklaces from our Tiny Charm Collection, and we just love her simplistic, but fashion forward winter outfit.  A little fur and a little gold goes a long way!  Check out her style and how you can spice up a white shirt and jeans with our necklaces. The links are below for the specific necklaces.

Also...side note:  The valentines discount of 15% is still going on through the week!  Use coupon code VDAY14.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Minecraft Valentine 3-D Cube Box

I never thought I'd be crafting up Minecraft Valentines for my two sons who are obsessed with the video game.  They like it so much that I get them scrubbing toilets so they can play the game.  Tough mom.  Or I like to think smart mom.

Anyway, my 2nd grader did not want to have ANYTHING to do with cutesy, lovey-dovey Valentine cards.  He didn't want any of the girls in his class to think he actually LIKED them...much less love them.  And he wanted to be "cool" with his friends.  So we decided to do these 3-D cube Minecraft Valentine boxes.  I have a feeling I might be reusing these boxes in the future for a birthday or something.  They came out has cute as Minecraft can be and are pretty useful.  

Here's what you do:

2. Sign your name on the dotted line
3. Cut
4. Fold on the line
5. Glue tabs to the opposite side of paper
6.  Fill with your favorite Valentine candy
7. Use some tape to keep the top flap down

Have fun MINING!


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