Friday, March 27, 2015

Lacquer Abstract Easter Eggs

easter egg decorating table with spring flowers, easter decorating

We are celebrating our family Easter traditions a week early this year, since our spring break falls right on Easter Sunday.  We are planning to do our feast this Sunday and my kids decorated their eggs.  We love decorating Easter eggs and trying out new techniques.  Below are links to Easter egg decorating techniques that we have done in the past.  This year we decided to use lacquer to make the eggs look like glass and acrylic paint to give it a strong color.  This is a fun project for kids to explore mixing colors with adult supervision.

easter eggs decorating

For this project we blew out the egg yolk and whites by poking holes on each end and blowing through one side as the insides dripped into a bowl.  This helps for the eggs to dry without sticking to anything.

Pick out three to four acrylic paints that complement each other.  Also, so when you allow your kids to paint the eggs the colors won't get too messy during mixing.

easter egg decorating with paints

Pretty, bright rich colors.  Let your kids paint and get creative with a palate of paint!

Allow your eggs to dry.  I used an egg carton, turned it over and put toothpicks in for the eggs to properly dry without touching anything.  Once you can touch, spray two coats of Rust-oleum Lacquer spray paint over the eggs.  Make sure to do it in a well-ventialated area.  They will look like glass eggs!

easter eggs decorating and table with spring flowers

Style your easter table with potted spring flowers.  We spray painted terra cotta pots white and modge podge white lace ribbon around each pot to dress up the pots.  

Here are other Easter egg decorating techniques that we have done in years past:

Easy Easter Egg techniques --no paint dying needed to make your eggs beautiful
Beautiful and Color Egg techniques-- we use these techniques.  Favorites ones.
Easter Picnic in an Egg--favorite idea for lunchboxes or picnics

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Blossoms

spring blossoms branch arrangements

"Look Mom! Popcorn is popping on all the trees".  This is what my little Chloe says when we drive around town.  White little flowers are blossoming on all the trees that it really does looks like popcorn!  We also have a little nursery song that goes along with the saying.  A new season that brings so much color and new life.  I couldn't resist to cut the blossoming branches and bring their happiness into the house.

One of my favorite things about the south is the magnolia trees. So many different varieties that blossom throughout all of spring and into summer.  The purple magnolia trees are blooms early spring and are gorgeous with showy flowers.  

The white flowers bloom from Dogwood ornamental trees right before the leaves expand.  I like to cut long branches for arrangement height.  I like to arrange them in clear glass vases to show off the branches.  Tiny vases for bathrooms and side tables.

purple magnolia flowers spring blossom arrangements

Enjoy bringing the spring season in your home also!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Healthy Spreads for your Wraps

healthy spreads, gluten-free, sugar-free spreads and dips

Today over at How Does She I am sharing my favorite spreads and dips for wraps, sandwiches and veggies.  These recipes are gluten and sugar free.  They are yummy and healthy too!   I usually will make up a huge batch and use it throughout the week for veggie dip, wraps, crackers and even mix with meat dishes.  My kids love these spreads especially on when we have a lettuce wrap night.  Check out the recipes over at How Does She:

Friday, March 20, 2015

Anthro House and Home

Happy Friday!  I am swooning over Anthropologie's new House and Home pieces.  Lacquer and acrylic are a trend I am loving right now.  Anthropologie does a good job mixing traditional with modern pieces.

Nailhead linen bed--so gorgeous!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Trend Alert: Oriental Rugs

oriental persian rugs selection by Darleen Meier

I love that oriental rugs are back in style, and I'm wishing I held on to some of my old ones instead of craigslist them.  A couple weeks ago I posted some of my favorite inexpensive tribal rugs.  I wanted to do the same with oriental rugs because it is such a trend especially as runners in white kitchens and master bathrooms. But I will say that vintage oriental rugs cost a small fortune, and you have to do a lot of searching for the perfect color combo.  Remember to avoid rugs that look like something you might find at grandma's house.  Also it's okay to mix up modern with traditional.  Some of my favorite sites to search for one-of-a-kind vintage persian/oriental rugs are ebay, etsy and eSalerugs.

Caitlin Wilson Textiles just recently released persian-inspired rugs that I have my heart set on especially her Kismet rug.  Perfect combo of navy and pink.
Here is #9 styled as a runner.  It add the best color to the otherwise black and white floor.

persian oriental traditional rug via rugs isa

Here is #8 also styled as a runner.  I've been helping my friend make some design choices in her  house and this persian runner ties in the little color that she does have in the house all together.  

Also great places to search for vintage oriental rugs are flea markets, antique and estate sales.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Style Watch: Peasant Tops

peasant tops and blouses to wear this spring

I'm a hippie at heart, and always love bohemian style.  I use to own five once!  You can never go wrong with a breezy, gauzy peasant top especially during spring.  It will keep you cool but add a light layer to keep the warmth in.  And as you can see I am drawn to aztec prints.

spring styles of peasant tops and blouses

peasant tops and blouses in aztec print for spring style watch

spring style watch of peasant tops and blouses with aztec prints

spring style watch with peasant tops and blouses
Outfit Details: Peasant Top: Anthropologie (sold in stores) | Jeans: Hudson | Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: Leigh Aviator | Fold-over Clutch: WestElm (old) | Jewelry: Talie necklace, Initial Bar necklace, V cuff bracelet

Here are some of my other favorite peasant tops:
  • Embroidered top  that would look perfect with shorts on your next beach bike ride 
  • Don't wait for this one to go on sale.  It will be snatch up soon because it is so versatile.
  • Fresh feminine look to add to your wardrobe and wear to your next picnic in the park.
  • Comes in so many colors.  It's a peasant top with so many old-world fashions.
  • Simple and modern peasant top to wear with a pencil and heels.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chloe's Frozen Hot Chocolate Birthday Party

frozen hot chocolate birthday party

Never late to post a really cute Frozen birthday party even if it's a few months behind!  My baby Chloe turned 4 in December, but because of the holiday rush we didn't celebrate her birthday party until January.  It was kind-of a last minute party.  My kids were getting bored during the last couple days of the holiday break, and I was getting tired of all the holiday decorations.  I knew I wanted to have her Frozen party while we had our white Christmas tree and all the white tabletop trees out.  So, I called her friends' parents and everyone was free to attend her party the day before school started back up.  It turned out really cute!  The Christmas decorations came in handy.

Her birthday party was focused around a Frozen hot chocolate party.  When the little Elsas and Annas arrived, they decorated fairy wands and played pin the carrot on Olaf.  Then a real-life Elsa and Anna arrived and sang songs and danced with the girls.  Then after they all sat down for popcorn and hot chocolate.  There was a lot of anticipation and build up for the hot chocolate party.  The girls did not want to leave when their parents arrived.  I'd say it was a success.  All the resources are listed below.

frozen hot chocolate birthday party

Frozen birthday party with olaf popcorn

frozen birthday party

frozen birthday party

frozen elsa dress for birthday party or halloween

White Christmas trees: holiday decor from west elm, target and michaels
White Flocked Tree: Pike Nursery
Cake: Publix bakery and just added the doll
Printables: Lil Blue Boo
Paper Snowflakes: Cricut explorer
Garland: The Flair Exchange 
Elsa and Anna: Marietta Princess
Chloe's Elsa dress: Custom (email me for pricing)


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