Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Video Game Birthday Party

video game, birthday party, minecraft party, vintage video game
video game, birthday party, minecraft birthday cake, vintage birthday

For my son's 6th birthday, he wanted to make it a Minecraft theme but to keep it more generalized I convinced him to have a video game birthday party and used the Minecraft colors.  We had such a great time at his party and most of the neighbor boys came over after they saw the video game truck parked in front of our house.  I think boy's birthday parties are so fun to plan, and they get so excited from all the decorations and goodies!  After setting up, the party was pretty low key, and I was able to sit back and relax because the kids just played videos in the game truck the entire time and then would come inside to refuel with food and drinks, but then headed right back out to continue to play.  Resources are listed below:

video game birthday party, wii controller cookies, space invader, video controller party favors

video game controller cupcakes, boys birthday party, video game birthday
video game birthday party, boys birthday party, vintage video game party

minecraft birthday cake, video game controller cake, xbox birthday party

wii controller cookies, video game birthday party, vintage video game birthday

Video Game Birthday Resources:

Printables: LuLu Cole
Fondant cake and cupcake toppings: Cherry Bay Cakes
Wii Sugar Cookies: RPConfections
Vintage Artari Joystick: Amazon
Vintage Space Invader candy tins: Amazon
Banner and Table Backboard: Cricut Explorer
Party Decorations: The Flair Exchange
Video Game Truck: Game Truck

Mini Jewelry Photoshoot

Here are a few pictures from the recent mini jewelry photoshoot that Dana Tolbert Photography showing off a few pieces that are on the site.  The love necklace has been in the shop for a while and I just added the "mrs" necklace.  A perfect present for a new bride.  Mini letter studs are just adorable and perfect for anyone.  Tassel pieces will be strong this summer.  I am also having fun working with leather and coming up with some new pieces I hope to add before summer.  Head over to see new pieces.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tribal Pattern Flat Rugs

Aztec Killim | Floor Pouf | Gallery Wall | Tribal Pattern | Flat Rugs | Home Decor | Living Room Decor | Inexpensive

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 

 I've been on the hunt for a tribal, southwestern rug that adds some color to my house, but complements the neutral style.  Most of the tribal rugs I have found are out of my piece range.  But I'm feel like I am getting closer with a rug I like.  I listed a few of my favorites above.  I think Kate Marker Interiors got it so right with the entryway image below.  The bright pink and indigo tribal vintage runner plays up the gold and white accent furniture pieces so well.
Aztec Killim | Floor Pouf | Gallery Wall | Tribal Pattern | Flat Rugs | Home Decor | Pottery Barn rug | Kitchen Rug

This is my girlfriend Ashley whose renovated ranch house is a favorite.  She found her tribal kitchen rug from Pottery Barn on sale.  Who knew?  I've seen many tribal pattern rug sellers on ebay and Etsy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fringe Boots: Wear Two Ways

fringe boots outfit ideas black dress ray-ban sunglasses

fringe boots black dress leather jacket ray-ban sunglasses

fringe boots with leather jackets black dress ray-ban sunglasses
Fringe Wedge Tribal Boots: Fab'rik (similar, similar)  | Black Zip-Up Dress (old): H&M | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Leather Jacket: Blanc Noir  | Jewelry: Talie Necklace, Initial Bar Necklace, Clarkson Earrings

It's pretty cold here in the South...not like the Northeast winters I'm used too.  But still, with the cold air, I've been staying warm and stylish with Fab'rik's fringe wedge tribal boots.  They are so comfortable, even with a wedge and still easy to run after my children.  I dress them up with a simple black dress and leather jacket.  I'm kind of obsessed with my new Talie necklace and have been wearing it almost everyday.  It goes with so much.  Did you know you can pick your fringe colors?  I'm think I need one in black and cream.

fringe boots, ripped jeans, darling darleen, tina turk handbags, ray-ban sunglasses

ray-ban sunglasses james perse t-shirt chevron necklace darleen meier jewelry

ripped jeans, fringe wedge boots, minnetonka, ray-ban sunglasses
Ripped Black Jeans | White Shirt: James Perse (my favorite t-shirts!) | Long Shawl Cardigan (old): Anthropologie (similar) | Cream Tote Bag: Trina Turk (similar) | Talie Necklace, Initial Bar Necklace, Native Bracelet 

The wedge boots look really cute with ripped jeans.  I've been getting good use out of mine!  Remember to keep the rest of your outfit neutral when wearing fringe boots, and wear basic colors so you don't have too much going on.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rubik's Cube Valentines

Rubik's cubes are so cool right now in 3rd grade.  Every kid wants one.  Every kid tries to solve one.  And if you know how to solve the puzzle, you are totally on the popular list.  So, we know these are going to be a huge hit at the Valentine's exchange party.  I bought the mini Rubik's cube at Party City, and I'm sure you can find them on online too.

I did two printables for the Valentine: "Our friendship is like a Rubik's cube.  You don't want to mess it up!" and the other is "All my problems are solved when I'm with you!"  We just used tape to attach the cube to the print out.

Download is below.

Download Rubik's Cube Valentine's Printables

Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Baked Doughnuts {Donuts}

Since my babies were little, it's been a tradition to have a Valentine's breakfast on the 14th with everything pink and heart shaped--pancakes and bacon and strawberry milk and fresh fruit.  My kids love it.  Since Valentines is on Saturday this year and not a school night, I will be able to put a little more time into our Valentine's breakfast, so baked doughnuts is on the menu.  I followed Sally's baked doughnuts recipe, and I let the kids decorate with pink and purple glaze and valentine-themed sprinkles.  It's best to put the sprinkles and glaze in small bowls and just dunk the doughnuts upside down to give it a full coverage and easy clean up.

We made enough to give as gifts that my kids are giving to their teachers.  I just took a popcorn box, filled the bottom with cinnamon heart candy and topped with a couple of doughnuts.  The heart balloon  will be attached to the outside of the box with a note from my kids.  

See more valentine's day activities.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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